Every year we donate a share of our creative fees to a charity.

So far, we have donated to the following organisations and projects:

2020: Emergency fund for freelance musicians, by the German Orchestra Foundation

In Spring 2020, the creative industries were hit hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Concerts and events are cancelled, jobs are cancelled and many freelance musicians are threatened in their economic existence. We ourselves experience how the soundtrack industry suffers under the pandemic, too - projects are cancelled, income is lost and budgets are cut. We want to help our freelance colleagues by giving our donation this year to the Emergency fund for freelance musicians, which is set up by the German Orchestra Foundation.

2019: Gaming Aid e.V.

Gaming Aid e.V. is a German charity foundation supporting people from the games industry and their relatives who are facing hardship without their own fault, giving software and hardware to hospitals or children‘s homes and offering scholarships to game students without the necessary funds.

Gaming AID e.V.