Yannick Suess



I am composer and business manager at Audinity, which I co-founded together with Robin in 2012. I also arrange music for concert performances, albums and sheet music books.

In 2018 I founded HippoScore with the goal of bringing video game music into concert halls. I am contact person and service provider for orchestras about everything related to design and realisation of video game music concerts, from designing concert programmes to providing scores and parts for performances, from clearing performance permissions to general consulting on the topic "video game music in concert".

I have been speaker at various events and conferences about topics like "Designing sound and music concepts for games", "Working in the game audio industry" or "Cultural entrepreneurship". Since 2018 I am teaching the course Video Game Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

In 2017 I conducted the Game Audio Industry Study, in order to collect important empirical data about the business and working practices within the global game audio industry.