About us

Founded in 2012, our Audinity team stands for high quality and reliability in the fields of composition and sound design for video games.

Our services:

  • COMPOSITION AND PRODUCTION of high-quality music in linear or dynamic form and in various musical styles
  • SOUND DESIGN of ambient and effect sounds for atmospheric soundscapes
  • Management, controlling and supervising of the audio budget, audio milestones, audio production and integration into the game as AUDIO DIRECTOR/LEAD
  • CONSULTING for the design of INDIVIDUAL CONCEPTS FOR MUSIC AND SOUND for video games
  • Planning and realisation of LIVE RECORDINGS from soloists to symphony orchestras
  • Development and realisation of products and concepts for MARKETING MUSIC OUTSIDE THE GAME (soundtrack release, sheet music production, concerts)

You can find a PDF brochure with our services here (external link):